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Cool Links

Linux/Free Software
Learn LINUX!! | Learn LINUX locally at NYLUG in Midtown Manhattan | Learn Perl programming | Learn PHP programming | Learn Python Programming | Learn the MySQL database | XAMPP - Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl and phpMyAdmin all in one package | phpMyAdmin - PHP program that allows one to simply administer a MySQL database | The heart of LINUX is in the kernel, but the soul is at The Free Software Foundation/GNU Project | The OpenCD - excellent collection of Free Software for Windows | SourceForge - one of the best repositories for Free Software | Debian Linux | Mepis Linux | Free Ubuntu Linux CDs!! | More Free Windows Software @ | - good source of Free Software | Tucows - free and demo software

Slashdot (Excellent computer info) | Craigslist NYC - excellent list of jobs in NYC | Find out what OS a site is running at NetCraft | Ad-Aware | Spybot Search and Destroy | Clamwin anti-virus |

Places to buy computers/software/services:
WL Computer - High speed Internet access, New/used computers, parts, repair located right in midtown | Linux Portal at IBM | Suse Linux at Novell | Penguin Computing (Linux hardware, clusters, great Tux graphics) | Edmunds Enterprises (cheap Linux CDs) | (producers of RedHat Linux) | J and R (downtown Manhattan on Park Row by City Hall) | | (components to build your own system) | (NYC based LAN site wiring company) | (Excellent site to learn about RAM) |

Other PING things:
Listen to the MP3s of the NYC band | PING Golf | PING Construction | PING in Europe | PING in Germany | PING in Belguim | PING in Swtizerland | PING Consulting | The Story About PING

Misc Links
Vanguard Mutual Funds - excellent source of investment information